can i go home now?  please please please can i just go back to the way they were?  please please please?


😦   weary, tired and alone

i feel like leaving home forced me to rip out a part of myself

but i guess that was the whole point, right God? the tearing apart and circumcising of the heart? breaking me down to be closer to you?  well its working


and i know i saw i want to go home, but I thank and praise you that I am here. Don’t let me leave and please don’t take me away from here. you’re doing so much and I really can’t thank you enough for being mindful of me! 

I need you more than I need breath and life itself. Please open my eyes and continue to tear apart my old heart and old flesh and crave and seek after you. Wow I need you. and I’m realizing more and more and more you’re really all I got.




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