My own version of 10 things I hate about you.

I hate pandas, penguins, hondas and michael buble, 

I hate snuggling and cooking and going to the park on a good day,

I hate fighting and texting and writing you letters

And not talking to you doesn’t make it any better

I hate Panama, New York, Virginia too

Even worse I hate Ohio because of you

I hate your friends, dressing up, and all of college

I hate photos, my name, and what only you called it

I hate skateboards, busted knees, dc and zumez

I hate myspace, facebook, and love twitter because you didn’t

I hate being sneaky, and sexy, and american holidays,

I hate that telephone pole, rice, and red hyundais

I hate accents, polo shirts, brown skin, brown eyes and brown hair too,

Even worse, this is all what I loved about you.




How do I let go?!



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