Things are changing.

Things in my life are beginning to change. This is the moment where I have to make a decision to accept it, or deny it and live miserable in the past. This opportunity comes to me once or twice a year. I usually think I’m making some sort of kinda okay right decision. But I’m not.

So this time… what do I say?

I hope I will?

I think I will?

I know I will?

No. I will just be. And when that exact moment arises that I have to stand firm on truth. Then I pray I will remember God is with me as I do it. Painful or [Lord willing] Easy as it may be. That He never left me, never will leave me and will ALWAYS be with even if I choose to ignore Him.

God has been so goooood to me. Graceful and completely unfair. Unfair in the sense, that I don’t deserve him by any means. None whatsoever. How is it fair He loves me and cares for me and constantly [regularly recurrent; persistent; continuing without pause or letup; unceasing, faithful; unswerving in love, devotion, steadfast; firm in mind or purpose; resolute] is mindful [attentive, aware, or careful] of me.


I’m ready for change . yup. I’m ready. but not on my own this time. This time, I must be reminded, I’m not alone.



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