How Do you Know?

What I want to know is… how do you know when to trust someone? Really? They can tell you over and over and over in the most believable way possible to take heed to their words, but when it comes time for the execution… nada. No bueno.

I mean, did I have this coming? Possibly? Like, idc what you do, who you do, or where you do it, but don’t tell me something if you don’t mean it…

I’m tired of being dragged along in a fantasy made up in someone else’s mind. If you’re going to call me a friend. Call me friend. If you say you’ll always be there. Be there. Telling me work and school is keeping you far too busy from calling me back, when tonight I find out its actually neither; but in fact, the girl with the pink CRX. Yea…. not okay with that.

I just want to know when its okay to trust someone. Caz really, I’m learning I can’t trust anyone. Including people I thought were some of my closest friends; and thats a shame.


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