Dear Xanga:

So recently, I made a post saying I want to “meet new people”. Well… by golley I did!!!

I officially have friends 🙂   I made myself go back to church 2 Sundays ago and talk to someone to get involved somehow. Then I went on Wednesday to go to prayer and boom! It was VBS instead. So needless to say I went back everynight to help with VBS and met TONS of people!!  I feel like I see them everyday now! Well I literally have since last Wed. Caz Saturday was the taping for and then Sunday was church and tonight was the church softball game and we all went out for icecream afterwards! I’m going to feel lost tomorrow… NOT! Caz after the dinner I’m gonna go to the Bible study at Stacy’s 🙂    Oh God you are so good! I knew I was going to make friends soon! You told me I would! 😀

good day.


P.s. I feel like I’m cheating on my Xanga by joining Tumblr. hehe   I’m still here for you Xanga. Just as much as you’re here for me:)


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