A New Life

So I learned of Tumblr from a person I was subscribed to on Xanga. I always vented and viced to my Xanga. I still do sometimes. But there has been a great deal of change present to lead my time and dedication to Xanga elsewhere.

My life has been a little different as of late. I mean I’ve traveled all over the world and done this and done that, all the while having big dreams of moving somewhere great. Well nearly 2 months ago I moved to PA. I wouldn’t call that great, but its not Ohio either. Ha. But since I’ve been here, Oh how I have missed my Ohio.

My car has missed it, too! Baby is not happy with having to tote me around these mountains! I mean I checked her fluids today to make sure she’s still hydrated, but I can’t say there is no pressure on her when we’re goin’.

Its different out here, though. Its a new culture; but in a way, it’s shown me how every place you go has some sort of relativity to home. Even if it is the rednecks or Mexicans you see around 🙂

I always said I wanted something new, somewhere new, someone new. Now I just want familiarity. Something to remind me of the feeling of having what I had. A month ago I would’ve gone back in a heartbeat. But now I’m not so sure…

I feel stranded. Like home isn’t home anymore, but neither is here. I guess its true. Once you leave the nest, you just don’t go back.

So for now, all I can do is look ahead. Keep my head up and convince myself this is the next greatest place on earth… at least for me.



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