remember when

So i look back and remember when my troubles 6 months ago were like TERRIBLE and like I wished I could have gone back to my previous troubles caz they were easier.

And I always think my current problem is always the worst. But then arent they all? Isnt life just always getting harder? Or do we just wish to go back to our previous troubles caz in reality, we know we made it through okay, so we just dont mind doing it again and again and again.

There are moments where I am forced to be out of my comfort zone and its okay and other times i hate it.

but at the end of the day… WHY WHY WHY is it SO HARD for me to make friends here? I can make them anywhere else… literally… y cant I make them here?

I feel like I’m inconveniencing peoples lives by possibly wanting to intervene into their daily funk.

yup. sorry. I’ll just keep living alone and not hang out with anyone because I like my life that way. mhm.


p.s.  i lie.


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