i like him <3


i like him. i like him alot. yup its true hehe. i dunno, i dunno where this is gonna go… but i’m excited to see.

i don’t wanna be scared, and i am scared of screwing this up. im really good at screwing up a good thing. really good at it. but i dunno… EEEK!!!  hehe 

i have been loving life since valentines day. im not gonna lie. hes a total sweetheart, super respectful, cares about me and what i want and my dreams and ambitions, and doesnt worry about whats gonna happen in the future. if it happens, it happens. i like that. i like not having to worry. he makes me not worry, like everything no matter what is gonna be okay. 🙂    

i like how confident he is in us being just who we are. like if we just stay really good friends… awesome. if we become more… awesome. its like life is just awesome no matter where we end up. [happy face].

❤ ❤ ❤



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