The end of Face

So looks like everything is legit. its over.

i hate it. i hate him. i never deserved any of this. how could he welcome this without a care in the world. i dunno

but hes moved on and i’m doing my best to as well. i needed this… a good kick in the butt.

i’ve done good so far… bawled my eyes out ALL DAY yesterday…  i also deleted his text messages, his ringtone, his phone number

today i deleted his voicemails and pictures… i’m feeling better but i’m not fooled… it’ll be a while til i can get back on my feet again… in the meantime God is huggin on to me… i know he is… and i know hes the only reason i’m still wakin up in the morning.

but at the end of the day…. i hate him. still…

well off to go preoccupy myself… lost of healing still to do… will be checking back later


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