God Notebook

I love the post on Revelife about the God Notebook!

I want to do it! I love journaling and maybe it’ll help me to get back into the Word. Kind of my own search and find/devotional!

I can pick a subject each month. Then as I search it out in the scripture, I will also look and take in the context of hte passage and see how I can relate it to my own life.

For example, Strength. The author of that one revelife post went to her God notebook for “strength” passages, and wrote those in there and turned to them when she needed.

I want to maybe search for strength, then I will find it will say in the context of David. And I’ll relate David’s situation to my own life. So not only will I be able to see God’s strength working through David, but I will also know that God WILL do it for me as he did for David!

From strength I could move to faith, and from faith I can move to worship, from worship I could move to sacrifices… and on and on…

I think I may have something here… Thank you God, and Revelife poster!!!



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