growing up is still sucking…

so i’m really sad.

I guess moreso discouraged.

I never thought boy would change on me, but he did. And i don’t mean in the aspect of attention and all that stuff, I don’t care about that… but i find it very awkward to be his friend now. Like there is literally this awkward silence when we’re around each other. He doesn’t smile, he just doesn’t eminate roger. I’m sad for him. He talked about ALL these new friends he has, but then around me acts like he doesn’t even wanna go out, but he is anyways. Why can’t you say no? but then he’s annoyed at me for just trying to be courteous and not interfere with his schedule. I can’t believe he accused me of pretty much saying he can’t make plans for himself. Who is this guy? This isn’t the boy i know? I miss my friend

I’m here when you decide to come back… but i’m afraid of how long that might take

I may be busy, but I never changed on you.

Thanks for being another person I can cross off my list for people I can no longer count on.



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