round we go again

i’m sleepy.

i did alot today tho… even in the last couple of days…

i hung out with boy yesterday… that was fun and went to the races… Sam was there. o and tim was there. o and like everyon else was there. but that was just stressin me out the whole time. hten me and boy went to alis (stoppin to see grant and matty on the way) and at alis we played horse, and ate pizza and wings and then played guitar hero

today i just worked… did some errands… said bye to mom and lexi caz they left for wv today… (i think they just got there too). then me and ali hung out again!   for a bit i sat in the front yard and just hit some golf balls and played guitar 🙂    i was in my happy place!   YaY!

but can you believe it? i did laundry… fed all the dogs and did everything momma told me to today!!   today was a good day.. rare… but good

but i miss face… more than ever… i broke his heart… made him sad.. all becuase of a stupid assumption, which i have my own reasoning to believe to be true… but it don’t matter… it was an assumption…

but who am i to know?   if its all you talk about, then how come i can’t believe it to be true?

idk. i’m tired. i’m sad. i wanna cry. and i can’t. i won’t. i just gotta keep praying for him…. one day he’ll come around… right God?   right……….?





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