oh happy day!

so i’m gonna leave a post that isn’t filled with desperado and depair! haha!  i know, it’s been a while!

but! things are going good right now! i guess i need to leave some updates on how its all been, caz i’ve read books that are journal based and i hate when they skip like a month and leave me wondering what the heck happened and i’m sitting there questioning like, “i thought she said she’s never speak to him again!?” or “omg i didn’t know that was going to happen when she said that!” or other crazy stuff… SO i guess, here we go? LOL

first things first, lets get it out of the way… FACE. yup good ole face. he’s doin fine…  hates his job but okay. and yea… i still talk to him… everyday in fact.. lol   i know i said i wouldn’t talk to him after he said we couldn’t talk anymore, but    do i honestly look like i’m made of concrete?     heck no! more like   jello! LOL  but i still miss him… but my feelings in all that are So CoMpLiCaTeD it cannot be convered in an overview blog (which is what this is).

next! BOY! boy is good! we managed to repair our friendship and leave it completely at that. a friendship. i’m happy with that! from the things we would say to each other i never thought we would talk civily again, but hey look what happens when you go to God for help, right? He took care of it ALL!   but i’m sad caz face hates him… idk why exactly.. he just does… and i almost feel bad or feel wrong for even being friends with boy because of that. like i can kinda understand caz i cannot in any way shape or form care for any idea that he even still has communication with that stupid colorado slut but what can i do ya know?   she still in colorado… oh well to that… but regardless…. i’m just stuck on that one…

and then… JCP.. it’s Christmas season. yup   holiday cheer is back! WOO HOO!!  and you know.. the customers once again.. have not been that bad.. they’ve been rather good in fact… i just hate JCP… i hate the company and would never ever reccommend to anyone that i actually care for to think about gettin a job there! that’s the end of that! HA!  but i’m holding on to that 5 years… God willing…

school is makin me hold my breath pretty hardcore… this is the part where i say God, i’m putting this in your hands!   i have 4 quarters left… or at least i think so.. God might have other ideas for me though, so we’ll see what He wants… I’m just prayin that He’s wanting what i want and wanting to be done by next fall 😀      but i know that whatever happens will fully be in his interests for me. and i know that

speakin of best interests… what shall i do about good ole california? hm?  i love it there…  i would love to move there… but the house i would be stayin at would not be a good place for me… like i know they wouldn’t pry in my business but idk… its just weird i can’t say exactly what would happen you know? but like that would be awesome just to do for a couple months… you know?! like i know i got weddings and stuff i gotta be back for but on the other hand, this is my life… i can’t plan my life around other people’s weddings.. i’ll make it and do my part… just maybe not here in lima… this is my life too… :/   so we’ll see what happens.

i don’t really know what else to say… God has been fantastic in my life! He is so so so mindful of me and i love it! I love Him! He’s just absolutely wonderful! You know… even though i have all my worries and dramas in life… I have no frets and no regrets… caz i know MY GOD is in complete control. Yea… i make my own decisions and sometimes they are not what God had planned for me, but He works with it and still sets me above the rest of the world becuase I am His. How awesome is that??!?!

Merry Christmas ALL!!  Share the love, not the headaches!!



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