i’m so confused… i think.

I don’t know how i feel anymore.

I miss my Face. but then i don’t… he;s not the same he used to be… and then there are all these other boys in the picture… but i know for a fact that

NONE OF THEM ARE FOR ME!!  how convenient right?  LOL   i thought that too…

I could give you a list of possible prospects  haha   i’m doing this for my own humor, because its disgusting…

0 Face    0 Boy    0 Sunshine    0 Tim Buddy      and okay i’m happy there weren’t as many as i thought…

that would make me down right more conceided in this blog than I already am… but like… out of everyone i know… the last peopl you ever thought to be married   or we’ll even do one better… “have boyfriends” are the ones who have it all…

and i’m not even picky and i’m still lef behind in the dust!  So much so that everyone else is MARRIED and i’m not even dating.

I kinda hate being left behind.   I pretend to like it. But I hate it.




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