long day… :/

its been a long rough day for me.   then God peaks a little bit of sunshine and reminds me that life isn’t so bad, and then I have my ray of hope at the end of the night.

So I woke up this morning when my alarm went off this morning and then I went back to sleep caz I was nearly 100% sure that I had this morning off and its thursday that I work. Well i was wrong and I missed work this morning. So I feel like crap caz I was a no call no show… never done that before!  UGH! but I was kinda pissed too caz they never called me or anything… I got a message from my boss an hour after my shift was supposed to end telling me that I must have read my schedule wrong caz I didnt come into work. WOW   an hour after. thats cute. HA! well then I go to PR and I get a 65 on my test… thats always fun.. NOT!  and then I go to finance and I dont understand anything. Like its officially becoming a foreign language. And after class she shows me my test and I got an effing 43%!!!  its like OMG!   Heres the stupid part. I got all of the equations right! its the whole content questions that I missed. GAY! and then after that class I stopped by my Presentations teachers room and she took my grade from my presentation and gave it to antoher girl (but she did change it back) and then I went to freakin Retail management and and got a 76% on that test! and then we had to do an extra credit paper on why we should have any more pop quizzes as punishment to the douschbags in class ruining it fro everyone. and she said that the arguements weren’t good enough and i’m like what the hell i dont even wanna be here anymore. I hate this class! this isn’t fair! AGGGG   well i get outa class and talk to steve and he said it was no big deal that i missed work but i couldn’t work thursday morning to make up today. and I’m like nice. thats even cuter. and THEN i went home and changed and saw carling befor ework and she gave me free lunch which was wonderful and i love her to death! šŸ˜€   hehe   I wen t to work and clocked in on time and everything and I had a couple customers that make me wanna throw bricks at their heads… that woulda actually been refreshing after my day. and i forgot to mention, but i have 65% average in finance, which is almost a guarentee fail for the class! I just wanna cry!  šŸ˜„   well while i was at work, mom calls and tells me that my kitty Cali died. just outa nowhere, she was fine one minute and gone the next. and i dont wanna go on but my whole day has been like this…

but after i’ve been gettign hit and hit and hit, i really felt drawn to wanna read my Bible, get closer to God’s word and get some encouragement. Unfortunately I didnt have a Bible at work, nor had the time to read it, but I really tried hard to put my mind somewhere else. Then God showed himself a little bit, caz I had emailed cody last night and told him i was sending him a hug, well completely not remembering that i had sent that, he checked it today and got it at the right time caz he was having a rough day too and its neat how God positions himself to show himself in these ways that he gets the glory.

then after work i just wanna be outa there and cry and everything else, and I  check my email and after i thought my day may as well just get worse, I get an email from Barry. Yes, the email I’ve been waiting for. Its like it erased my entire day of agony. And it was worth waiting through the whole day to receive it. And then Matty called and I got to talk to him. I love him! 

well thats it. I better get off here and go home ( im at the school commons)  I gotta get up early for work!



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