Whats your rating?

 I was thinking…. like how we live our days…. like each day we could give ourselves a rating. Just like a movie. Like how you live your life each day, what is it rated? is it G? PG? PG-13? R? XXX?    Like seriously?

Is the way you talk rated G? Can you go an entire day without cussing and violence for you to make it PG? You know if you say the F word more than once in a movie its rated R? think about it? I know more people who already gone and passed that before they even get out of bed.

And not even in your life how you act but what around the people you surround yourself with?

Like if a video camera were put on you all day…   they’re recording who your talkin to and your conversations… so if your friends are talkin. and all that stuff…  like i dunno

i was just thinkin….   how is your life rated daily? how is your life rated in a year? whats the majority of same ratings? 

and thats just verbal kinda stuff… it could be a more dangerous rating due to the sexual things people do, or the violence….  

would your life be fit for your 7 yr sibling to watch?

i dunno… i’m just writing things down?


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