Words of Frank

So theres this guy who comes in and buys coffee. His name is Frank. I really seem to be drawn to him. He is such a sweet sweet old man, and its like how can you not love him?!?    He tells me stories. Stoies of his life and of his past and things that happened and it makes for a really exciting chat chit for at least 5 min of my day. And what he doesn’t know, is that I look forward to those 5 min now. I look forward to hearing another story on how he truly appreciates life.

How is it that this 80 yr old man who buys one Grande Coffee with a little room for cream inspires me more than any young successful individual that i know?

He told me a story once of how he met his wife. And when he met her he absolutley knew that she was the one for him and that he was going to marry her. And two days after they met he told her he was going to marry her. And he always tells me that he has the best and most beautiful in the whole world and no one could be better. He loves her… really really loves her– and i’m jealous.

And another time we talked about how he got his dog. His son works at a prison and the dog was there and he kept tellin him to come take a look caz his son thought it would be a perfect dog for him. He kept putting it off and putting it off caz he didnt need a dog and soon enough someone else took it. But within a few days the family couldnt keep the dog, so Frank went down and saw it and took one look at it and he knew it was his.

And then today we talked and he told me about when he went to college and then fell and lost everything he learned and he is still working on it all over again. And he had majored in computers but now he still finds it hard to understand everything caz of his fall. But he told me how they got a digital camera and he couldnt figure it out and it was like reading greek to him. But he figured it out after reading a few times. But now he can believe that he scans the photo off their camera and he can uplaod them and everything! its awesome!!

well im falling asleep! night all!


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