so…. golf… i believe the sport should hold true to its name… Gentleman. Only. Ladies. Forbidden.   

nah it wasnt really that bad… it just makes me wanna practice a whole lot harder tho.. but its kinda hard WHEN ITS SNOWING OUTSIDE!!! GAY!!!!

oh well   when i get back from spring break i’m gonna hit it hard… my days off are gonna be spent in the fitness center and at the driving range! MMMMhhHHMMMmmmm

but on the bright side… I did beat one person and they were from the host school… thats good right? caz they’ve played on this course a dozen times and it was my second time… that makes it all better… right?  HAHA


okay enough tryin to convince myself of anything…

on the update…   face and i are talking again… not “talking” talking, just talking…. apparantly this whole, “lets just chill and take a break from hanging out with each other all the time, caz its stressin us both out” didnt work. HA!  and im the crazy person caz i was finally like fine with it…. and its not that we werent talking that bothered me, its just that i didnt know why we werent talkin… it was like hey we’re BFFs on saturday and sunday its like “you’re crazy and im confused i cant do this anymore” and i’m like “wtf are you tlakin about!?!?!”   but yea…. then im like watever… then lets not talk, i can do this… and i do it… in fact im a prick about it and pretend like i never even knew him either… and next thing ya know… he misses me and everything is better…. im tellin ya… its like watever he wants thats fine i guess, but plz make up your mind caz im gettin nauseas from this spinning of which direction we’re goin… haha   i just wanna be his friend… caz as i look at it… he really has no one else that he can count on… he wont talk to God caz hes mad at him… but he still needs to know that someones there for him… even when we’re not talkin i still do my best to remind him not to forget about God… caz i wont always be around… i wont always be around to tlak to him, to be there for him, or to remind him of how good he really has it.    

he just needs to be thankful….

but who am i to talk… i got my own messes to take care of….   

well nighty night all… i’m off to kentucky bright and early!!! 

LOVE!!!!!     bn


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