so debbie had her baby on monday… he was 8 lbs i think 4 oz. and 19.5 inches long!! Sawyer Keaton is ADORABLE!!  i’m so excited for her!!  i’m proud of both her and daddy bass… well yea… good tales occured this week….

well we cancelled school yesterday.. that was pretty amazing 😀   and then last night we went bowling and when leaving i definately face planted in the ice nad snow in the the parking lot on our way out to our cars caz i decided to be cool and try and run and slide and yea… that didnt work… at least everyone got a good laugh right? hehe 

hmm wat else happened… oh yea! i was gettin outa class tonight and i had to turn a packet in to the office desk and the cleaning people were there and as i walked by this guy.. (no lie i was only like 8 inches from him) he says well “helooo there” i was like EW GROSS!!! so i turn in the eval packet and hang out in the tech lab til both shanes were off and could walk me out 😀     so that was mmmm  interesting  — not!!

lets see.. what else is new… well me and the face man got pics taken today… just for the fun of it i guess.. but it was fun… some of the photos turned out freakin awesome so that was exciting…

and then of course when everything is said and done today. as it always does, it ends in us fighting…

i wish i never belived in love… but like in all reality as humans we are so stupid, caz like i understand having a true and real love for Jesus, but he was perfect and died for us and saved us all… yes i understand loving him, its bacuse we are un deserving… but when there is a God such as that out there for us to love nad loving us in retrun… can someone please explain to me why we waste our stupid time loving other humnas who constantly let us down. who constantly piss us off. who constantly hurt us and then do it all over again the next day…   WE REALLY ARE THAT STUPID! GR… its this vicious stupid circle that takes over our lives and reminds us every day to humble ourselves and begin every day fresh, becuase we will never be perfect.



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  1. I know I never comment on any of you blogs, but I do read them, and Im not going to lie, this one throws me off.And you know, Im not someone who goes to Church. Ever. But I do believe, and trust me, Im not one to preach.Maybe the things Im about to say, will be completely disregaurded, then again, I guess it never hurts to look at someone elses veiw and try your hardest to truely see.
    Yes, we will never be perfect, and yes God is the only kind of perfect love there is.But loving other humans, should be worth something too. Imagine if God wrote blogs, about how stupid it is to love us because we are not perfect people. How pointless it is because our faults bring us down.God loves us, in every stupid mistake we make no questions asked.And sometimes you just have to remember, no matter how pointless relationships seem to us, God wouldnt give up on that person, and neither should we.

    By the way, your blogs, are always worth reading.You make a person really think.

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