talkin on the phone

hey… i’m on the phone!   yup and i feel like typing something…. haha   but yea… i was a riot in class tonight i went to the mall on our 10 min break… haha and then i made a comment about a bullet proof window rookashaying and blowing up a gas station and i dunno stupid stuff…  it was just fun….   even after class the teacher came up and thanked me for being so entertaining.

yea and i talked to grant for a while tonight too… he leaves for Korea in just a few hours…i’m gonna miss him and i really hope that he stays okay… i’m sure he will for this trip but i dont like the idea that he is being trained for korea… caz that means if war were to break out again between n. korea and s. korea then he has to go over there caz he’s trained for it 😦

bn ::


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