cleaning my room….

you know i keep realizing how more and more i’m falling in love with God….  like truly He is my best friend. He is the One who is there for me always… yea He’s there when  i screw up and i’m seeking for grace,,,,  but its more than that… He’s more than just a scapegoat for me… and i’m lovin that too!  like He knows and understands when I dont like being around people and I dont like talking and I just like being quiet and thinking… He knows that about me. He knows that for how energetic and crazy and outgoing I am, i really am a deep quiet person who likes to be invisible too.   HE understand that and He loves me for exactly who I am… in fact its my uniqueness that He loves the most… How could you not love someone who loves you like that?!   you know?   He listens to me all the time and He’s always there exactly when I need Him… He is more than just a phone call away because he is above technology and snail mail. I love that. He understands what im thinking and understands why i am thinking that. He is the only own who understands me ALL THE TIME. everyone at one point or another just stops and tells me, ” i dont get you” but He doesn’t… He totally does get me. He knows what i need and when exactly i need it… and He doesn’t beat on me all the time either… sometimes i get beat on pretty bad but its only caz He loves me and thats awesome… but He is so good at dropping subtle convictions when i’m least expecting them. and its the unexpected that remain in my memory… He knows that about me…

I am just so thankful that i can know Him, and that He knows me.



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