school cancelled today. its kinda nice… i got a whole nother section done and turned in on my math so now i’m only like 3 weeks behind! HAHA  i hate college algebra… i’m gonna die in stats.     but ea anways…


i was thinkin yesterday, that i hope i die before God comes back, not so much to avoid all the trials and tribulations caz thats all gonna suck anyways, but because i think my life would be more of a testimony with me dead than it would alive….

is that sad to say? i dunno… but when i do die… i hope people can find my old journals and read back and really get to understand who i was… caz i think the only person who truly understand me and my intentions is God… and of course m journals… but i still dont have one person who knows me completely… except for God and thats great becuase He is my only true best friend and he truly does understand my intentions and what is going on in my head despite what i do or say…   and i know this. and if and when i die maybe people can read back of my closet journaling life and think wow… i needed that… even though i’m still a bad example to the rst of the world caz of everything i’ve done i guess i’m a hypocrit… but maybe people of this world caz overlook my old faults and realize that i did change from those ways and i’m not that person anymore….

i really hope people can see that part of me now.



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