dont you just kinda hatewen you know you have everything to do and then at the same time you cant remember a stupid things to do?!? yea it happensto me alot..

so i guess theres alot on my plate right now…

* i have 2 jobs

* i’m taking 19 credit hours

* im trying to figure out my life

* i’m trying to decide wat i wanna do for the summer (whether internship or school or both)

* sort out my guy problems (Shannon and Raul)– which whom are 2 completely 2 different people but i care for both so much…. one of them i love terribly… the other one i care for but its not all there… and i’m sad for that caz it shouldn’t be that way… bu i dunno what to do… thats how i feel… i’ve been over it for a while.

*decide who i want to be now that i’m 21…

* and stll try and be a light that so shines for JESUS and be human at the same time.


WOW  so i guess its not too much… i forgot to add:

* and do all this without disappointing the parentals




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