i trusted him…

he has told me over and over and over again to trust him and i fianlly did..

i should not have trusted him… look wat happened…

i got hurt.

its not fair and its too late now… i can tell myself over and over it wasn’t true or it never happened but i know it did… some way somehow but i dont care i will deny til i die… i didnt know what was goin on and that wasn’t fair…

i was trusting him.

i trusted him to take kcare of me…  that is my mistsake… he let me down

now wat is there for me? theres nothing left… nothing… i don’t even know my purpose for being here anymore,,, i hate my life,,, i hate my job… i hate wat i do… i h ate who i am… i hate wat i’m doing…

i’m not happy, i’m not excited, i’m not real, i’m not cool, i’m not pretty anymore, i’m not special anymore, i’m not anything anymore…

i am nothing… from now until forever



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