so if i need to use it i have 3 strikes against him….

1) I told him to never ever cheat on me

– He promise he would not

2) He told me he would never lie to me

– He swears there is nothing between him and kirsten

3) He said she sent a pic saying I’m sorry

– thats why it was a pic of her boobies saying, ” there you go babe”

So what am i to do?

i can’t stand this i’m calling him out on this tomorrow, and by tomorrow night probably won’t have a boyfriend… and alas i’ll be single again!

but omg he freakin yelled at me tonight! we were at journeys and i was messin around with the scanner gun and he swears he can feel it so iw as just movin it on his skin repeatedly askin him if he could feel it and he finally stnapped and started yellin sayin he didn’t wanna play and to effing quick andthen startin cussing…. well it took everything possibly in me to not start bawling on the spot but i kept it in… but i didn’t say a word to him the rest of the time at journeys and then when we were in the car he asked if i was gonna say anything and i said no until while at the bank he tried grabbing my hand and i wouldn’t let him have it, and he told me to talk to him but i had nothin to say and he kept apologizing and he was sorry and he knew he hurt me and all this stuff and i was just really really sad and upset and hurt and it really scared me when he was yelling caz he’s never done that before. then we got to arbys and were talkin in the car and i asked him who sent the pic to him this morning and he said kirsten and i was like o what did she say and he’s like o she said she was sorry but i know that is total bull…. so i caught him red handed in a lie…. so am i gonna do? o i’m goin got conviently take his phone and wnat to see how cute her “sad face” was and then suddenly realize uh oh, i didn’t know boobies meant i’m sorry and the whole thing of it is…. she said “there you go babe” which means he had to have asked for it and they sure didn’t seem like they were fighting… but supposedly they are fighting and he’s mad at her “supposedly”   but they seemed fine to me and ooo ooo oooo when he finished yellin at me and i was mad the first thing he did was sit down and start textin and i know for a fact that he was texting kirsten… Gosh i hate it!    i can’t take it anymore!



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