man o man i never talked about texas!!!!   it was sooo much fun!! i came home alive (not in a body bag– that was for raul)    and ya… we stayed with this awesome lady who reminded us completely of aunt marcia, her name was tia blanca… i mean they looked similar and even had the same bathroom!   we got to meet the entire family while we were there tho…. the cousins:   there was miguel, adn his wife and they’re daughter aranza and then the girls ilse adn ayled, and then we stayed melissa’s room and there was her brothers too… and little jennifer was just a doll and then there was cristian’s mom and his grandma (makes the best tamales ever!) and i forget her name but she talked about wanting a tanga… and ya there were alot of people and i  can’t remember everyon…. but they were all so nice and did like everything for us!   we ended up goin to mexico everyday… we did get to go to the mall a acouple times and we crusied mexico the first night adn got to see everythign and then we got to see a grocery kidna like waltmart in mexico adn we went to a gianormous market and hugn out at the house and got to walk up ad down the rio grande, and we got to s padre island and see the oil fields where they get the oil for gas, adn on otp of all  that we got to watch the end of the BUCKS beat down on the WOLVERINES HEHEHEHE… and we ate at the best mexican restaraunt i think i’ve ever had itw as so so so so good and we taught the girls to play the cup game there.  we were introduced to a restaurant down there called whataburger adn that was good too…. we had like 8 meals a day i swear…   i mean thers was so much food but it was all SO SO SO good…. i would love to go back but it might be a while before i do… adnm then to top the trip off we got to go to the hospital and lish somehow got a meeting with the public resources guy by just walkin in and even havin a fulls schedule…  itw as so crazy. but we did everything there a a wim… like we walked in and had no idea where to go so this lady walked in after us and we just started following her you know thinking maybe we could talk to some patients er something and then we find an elevator and just get on…. while we’re debating on wat floor to go to it just starts moving… then it stops and the door behind us opens… now we had no idea there was a door so you can imagine the suprise and this guy was really friendly adn realyl nice and he asked us wehre we were goin and we told him we had NO IDEA… so we told him our situation and (his name was albert btw) and hes like i know exactly where to take you… and ya thats how we ended up inthe office and itw as super perfect… great way to end the weekend… but ya… thats it… it was awesoem
i miss them all alot adn tehy’re not even my family or goin to be my family, but they want me to go back adn visit and they have so much more planned for us already and they’re so excited to see us again… and omg!!! they are the nicest poeple ever!    ha and they want me to bring raul next time… ya like that’ll happen  LOL   but it was a nice idea.   
i’ll never froget tho…. the cockroaches we saw, driving w men (hehe), packing the suitcase, donde esta tu tanga?, shopping when we got there,  road humps, o i can’t for get… HEY! HEY!…. nada (natha)


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