yaya remember those days where i would actually write something every single day, in fact like 4 times a day?   crazy right?   i miss that…. so now i think i’m actually gonna get back into it, caz i miss it…    but ya

i woke up a little late today,,, i kinda slept thru my alarms, like i remember them goin off and i remember me turnin them off and i remember crystal callin like a half hour later saying hey! you awake?   i’m like omg! i’ll be there asap!  hehe    bt ya then i go off to school…. get to class like right on time, but i’ve kinda been parkin illegally in a lot i’m not supposed to hehe  but when i parked the guy who owns the lot saw me get outa my car so i dropped my bag off in class and grabbed my keys and ran off to go move my car and he was callin in for me to get towed like when i was there and told me it was only for construction vehicles i was like oops! i’m sorry i didn’t know…. i’m moving it! hehe   so ya     then i sat thru my lame classes, ok they’re really not that lame… it sjust lame caz its school… blech!   but ya then i hustled my teacher into lettin me turn in my homework late  muahahaha   yea yea i’m jus thtat good…. and i’m not really sure what else is goin on…. oh well in between classes i went and saw rual for like 10 min and then after classes i went to the mall and got a lil bit of christmas shopping done and i hung out with Aid for a bit…. i had fun… now i’m at the shop answering phones and killin time for raul to get outa class to he can come over and eat and we can paint! YAY!    ok latas all… in fact i’ll prolly write tonight…   MUAH



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