so me and lish just booked out plane tickets today… we’re off to texas… or as raul puts it we’re gonna go and die but watever… i think i’m excited… i will be once we have an itinerary planned.. and we have all our contacts, contacted.  
its a rainy day… i don’t know wat mroe to say….
but i like rainy days, theres somethign about them that make me not wanna be at the mall working but spending time at home, whether its with my family or cleaning the house and listening to music or watever… i just like rainy days… well i’m gonna put in my norah jones and finish cleaning the living room and play pool with my sister…
i know me and matty are gonna work on my car later for the car show tomorrow and then i want to go to arbys and just hang out with everyone, maybe rent over the hedge or somthign funny and watch it on my laptop… that’d be alot of fun!  
k well i’m outie


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  1. ….hey havent talked to u in forever! hows it goin? that is such a cute pic! i didnt know u knew khrista beckmann….she lives in my dorm! u should come up here and we all could go shoppin and hangout! luv ya

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