As of tomorrow… my summer journey is coming to an end!  Tomorrow at 10am my relationship with the summer is officially ended… but instead of being sad over it; i decided to recant the wonderful times and experience i had in these last few months…

It started out with classes ending… Thank God!

Then we had to celebrate… with wat better way than a wedding! My cousin Jennifer got married!

Next me and Andrea Dickson met up with the Allentown and Celina kids and went down to Wilmore, KY for Ichthus! It was awesome…. we had an awesome time working security on the first graveyard shift and had the time of our lives! Plus i got to see a tong of cool bands like WAY WAY up close!

When we got home from that we went straight to a wedding for Mr.& Mrs. Brad Hunter… The wedding was beautiful!

I had a good week of some work in before i took off and left for Lakeside! OMG it was SO SO SO good this year! God moved in completely awesome ways, and seriously touched the hearts of so many. Jarrod Jones was our speaker and we had a cool new band called Alathea there. It was my first time being a CIT and i loved it. At first i was freaked but then it turned out alright. I made a tons of new friends and worked with the best CIT group that Lakeside has ever seen! Also, i was privileged enough to have my own table group. They were wild i must admit but man were they awesome! Gotta love Todd’s kids right? HAHA  Lastly, In the midst of the week i learned some new games, new traditions and a whole new list of things that we’re NOW not allowed to do. haha

After Lakeside was the blazing 4th of July in Farot Park… i met up with my friend Mitch (and his gf at the time) and we drove around for like ever and finally found where we were gonna sit at the time and watched the last 3 min of the show HAHA! and if the fireworks weren’t good enough then Ali’s 4th of July Celebration was alot of fun! but i must admit; i bet bloody bridge on a full moon or Halloween night would make it a whole lot scarier haha!

then out of the blue me and my friend Jordin hung out in Findlay and caught up on the summer and it was really cool. It was actually the first time i had driven to Findlay (crazy right)! Anyways it was alot of fun and while i was there i got to see summer and meet darci!

Lish and I wanted to spice it up just a little more so we took a short road trip to KY to see Marcia. So we stayed with her a couple days and as usual spent a ton at Platos Closet….*sigh* fun times

Bout a week later it was already the middle of July and time for Grenada. Man o Man was that freakin sweet! The kids were better than ever, The school freakin looks amazing now, the courtyard at the house is a freakin “ballroom” haha… and i really believe that we impacted all those churches we went to and the people that made up the church. God moved so fast and in so many was it was only evident that he was answering the prayers of His people. Of course while we were down there we spent lots of time on the beaches and alot LESS time on boats. It was just absolutely amazing. And yet again another trip where everyone got along. And when we come together with one purpose and one goal we are already united as one group as the Body Of Christ!

Bout a week after Grenada i had a family reunion which was so fun! i love my family they’re great!

Also, after Grenada we had a CIT party tho at Beth Heitkamps house (becuase shes awesome) we had so much fun. we cooked out, layed DDR, played a card game (garbage) that lasted forever! walked down the street and got icecream, went through pics, put pennies on the tracks, walked the tracks, snuck across the football field, picked up our pennies and watched the shooting stars… it was SO GREAT!

I think i worked for a couple weeks then, caz back to school sales were goin on and its tough getting days off for that haha (as if my boss had’nt given me enough time off) Finally something new and fun happened and the fair came around. Pastor Todd O’neil came and had a huge praise and worship session at his tent and we had a ball singing and dancing… everyone who was there did just aweosme! Alot of people from Grenada were there and pretty much everyone who when on the last couple trips to Grenada were there it was pretty sweet.

Towards the end of the fair tho me and lish wanted to go see Shannon before he left for bootcamp. so we road tripped on up to Michigan and hung out with him and his friends and we got to meet his gf and we just had a blast… it was a ton of fun. on that trip i learned who dane cook was… i’m not sure that was a good thing or not tho haha…. “Wheres the van?!”

When we got home we ended the fair fun by going the to last couple days and then alot of people went back to school.

So i actually stayed home and didn’t go anywhere for a couple weeks… my job liked that and so did my paychecks haha. At the beginning of September i went back down to one job. Made it a little easier anywayz. i had “more of a summer” haha if its possible.

but on a day off tho Lish and i went up to Findlay and hung out for a day. and we ran into our friend Ryan so we hung out with him and went to the park and the mall and the music store and we just goofed off…. it was a blast!

but mid- september hit and i had a wedding in Illinois to go to. So Lish and I packed once again and went to my other cousins wedding. omg it was so much fun and we didn’t even get lost at all! only when we got there. we went to the mall first thing to pick up some stuff and i locked my keys in my car (spare is at  home on the dresser), but i didn’t fret becuase i knew there was always mall security who could help… so we go in and try some dresses on and when leaving the fitting room lish don’t have her phone… (she dropped it) well we went back and it was gone… so after like 10 min we find this lady who had it and was lookin for us HAHA, we finally get out of the store and call mall security and they don’t do locksmithing anymore! so i call AAA and get the order just about finalized and we get disconnected. so after like 10 min i call back and finally get through…we only had to wait like another half hour. the rest of the trip went pretty cool. we left the wedding early tho and travelled back most of the way. caz i had to be in dayton for and interview the next morning… so it made the trip super exciting.

also, about beginning-mid september i made some cool new friends from Journeys and i’ve pretty much been hanging out with them almost every night at arby’s or superwalmart lol when i’m not out of town…. so its been alot of fun

then last week me and Lish and Raul went to Ft. Wayne to go shopping (getting seriously lost on the way there) and it was alot of fun… i bought a pair of pants haha

Also last week…. my friends Tiff and Brady and their new baby girl Savannah all visited from Vermont. omg it was so cool seeing them caz it had been like a year and a half!

So thats pretty much it! Besides chillin out at Arby’s the last few nights thats wat my sumemr really consisted of alot of stuff actually… i’m gonna miss it a bunches tho… so to whoever helped my summer be the best ever! THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL!



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