take this lesson… hold it dear to your hearts!!!!


well thats wat my dad says…. says that its not necessary to go out every night after i get off work… its “good” that i’m not out doing stuff to get in trouble but i’m supposed to be basically renovating our shitty lifestyle at home since i don’t live there hardly… so i see how that makes sense to it being my responsibility of keeping it clean and “helping my mom out” watever that means…..

and if i wanted to work at he shop again… don’t you think i’d put in an app? he acts like i haven’t gone in there and helped…

i find it extremely ironic that he never notices anything i do unless i’m not there… and the only thing he noctices is me being gone… but if i ever work my ass off to help mom out and just do stuff to help them both out its never noticed, never appreciated, never ever noted for times like this…. so i’m thinkin…wats the point of me helping out now, he’ll never remember anywayz




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  1. chica i’m totally with you on this. if we’re not there we don’t make the mess so why do we have to be the ones they yell at for not doing anything? makes me sick! i don’t get it. there are fewer dishes and more food when we’re not there. omg! i do all the grocery shopping and banking and errands. isn’t that enough?! i guess they want us to sit at home in our rooms and do our own thing. they don’t come in and have important conversations with us and sometimes i don’t want them to. grrr…… i do what i want. i do come home or stay home during the day b/c jacob needs me b/c my mom leaves him in the house most of the time. and i do talk to my family but why do stuff or stay at home when you didn’t make the mess and you own your own car.

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