y am i always caught in the middle of everything…. i’m so 2-faced that i hate it…. i say one thing totally meaning it sometimes about a person, KNOWing i’m gonna regret it later caz i only really say it to satisfy the person i’m saying it around….. so really i’m not real i’m not being who i am….. i try to be real as i can…. like i do stick up for Karen alot, but how much is too far?… when should i draw the line? on who to belive and who not to believe…. when can i truley be honest with Karen without knowing i can lose a friend?…. someone who needs me far far more than i need them but i’m being evil behind their back… who knows maybe i do need them around. for sake of humbling myself… and drawing me closer to God.

i’m not sure of the purpose of everything anymorebut i know from here on outyou’re not hearing me saying anything about anyone i know how feelings get hurti suddenly remembered and i feel like crap now

i’m a horrible friend



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