this goes out to my guys!

i think its funny

when you ask someone y they date, they’ll tell you its to find “the one”

but if you think about it dating is more for NOT finding the one…. caz out of all the people who date many times it doesn’t work out…. so they’re really dating to find out wat they don’t want in the guy they marry, than wat they do want….

so my outlook on dating is that it is pathetic…. its quite stupid

i don’t understand y people do it,

its like y would i want to go through the torture all over again and again and again when i already knew that before we went on the first date that it WAS NOT going to work out… and honestly if you keep having fights and fights and more fights… then its not goin to work out… things just don’t change in a person and they suddenly think “hey i’m gonna change completely so we dont’ fight anymore” THAT IS SO STUPID!! NO ONE DOES THAT!  

so today i made a list…. of all the characteristics that i want in MY MAN and really i haven’t found a guy with all of them yet…. and i’m not really searching… i’m more or less evaluating all the guys i talk to….

and not the kind of evaluating in like “o i wonder if he will work” or “oooo i like him too maybe him” or “omg  he’s almost perfect i should try for him”… NOOOOOO not like that but like i watch my guy friends and how they treat a lady or how they treat me… and if i really do appreciate or look up to that friend i think hmmm that is a real genuine characteristic i want my man to have….

so i’ve realized that God has blessed me with so many WONDERFUL guys friends who make me feel absolutely special without having a signifigant man in my life… and i like that… i like it that way

guys make amazing friends… and i have been overly blessed time and time and time again becuase i have the greatest friends and i dont’ knwo wat i would do if i lost any of them….

so thank you guy friends who raise my bar of expectation daily and show me that i dont’ need a man to completely and i definately don’t need a man to make me the person i am….




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