its just one of those days that i’m more down that up….. maybe its becuase of the weather…. the weather gets to me.. its cold gettin colder and i thought of school and how its going to start adn then i got really really sad. caz i’m not gonna be out at the branch this year which means i won’t have any classes with alicia now and then i won’t get to see Vicky or play bball with the girls and brit and being called b2 and seein dean on campus and yellin at him from across the way…  and then just i can remember everything that happened last year like everything whether  it was from the debates in English to talkin to Geoff or meeting up with a certain someone…  and now just stupid things are goin on that makes me wonder if i’m making the right decisions or not right now and i try and base everythign off wat God wants for me but then i think its right adn then i feel so down about it… like i’ve been feeling so depressed the last week just caz i’m making all these decisions that could effect the rest of my life and i just don’t know if i’m making the right ones….. *sigh*   thats enough for now. but i just miss how life was like last year…. i miss it alot…. i wanna go back this is jst so much right now and then i start school in a week! just shoot me in the head now.



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