time to finally freakin post again!!

so i’m in indiana right now at a hotel in richmond…. this weekend lish and i decided to take our last road trip of the summer!

so we went to my cousins wedding in Peoria, IL whish was today, well i guess it was yesterday now… but we got there friday night….

we get there and needed to stop at teh mall first thing…. well we lock the car shut the doors and i realized my keys were still in my ignition so i figured no big deal…w e’ll just call security before we leave and have them unlock it…. so we shop a little bit and while we tried on some dresses… we leave and here lish left her phone in the room… so we go back and its gone we call it like 3 times and no one answers and finally we find a lady walkin around with it lookin for us caz she heard us talkin…. we’ll we finally check out and get the mall security number and they said that they don’t get keyes out of locked cars anymore but they could give me a number for the cheapest locksmith that would be like $25 and i was like i’ll just call AAA well i call AAA and they took all my info and get ready to process it and we get disconnected so i wait about 10 min for them to call me back and they never did so i had to call them again and give them all my info again and they said it’d be about 30 min…. so they unlock it and we get back to debbie’s house (my cousin)

well then saturday we get up go shoppin again… go back to the house eat lunch lay out by the pool and then get ready for the wedding… lish and i left and got there like 2 min late like we walked in right before the bridesmades walked the isle.. but it was a fun wedding caz go to see ALL my family again… well we leave early around 9 and drive straight thru Illinois, and then got to indiana.. took ashort break… and then drove allt eh way thru indiana in a bout 2 1/2 hours and made it to our hotel….

we got to get up early today tho and get ready and head to dayton… fo rmy interview… i’m really excited!! so ya by this time tomorrow i’ll be in bed sleeping knowing that i had the time of my life on my own on this trip!!

i mean this is the first time i’ve ever stayed in a hotel without my parents or friend’s parents or anything…. i mean i booked my own hotel room (well shared with lish but i get my own bed!!) so this is a blast… well i GOT TO get some beauty sleep…. talk to ya on the flip side!!



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