so i woke up this morning in a trailor, in a bed ok it cannot be considered a bed… on a coushin with 3 other people. 2 i met last nite… hahaha no i wasn’t drunk or anything, i just stayed all night at the fair and we hung out at tiffany’s trailor and ended up just staying there… maybe that was becuase no one decided to go to bed til like 3ish… well i fell asleep outside in a chair at like 1ish… but ya…. and then i had a rude awakening of having to pee… so i hated the fact that it was POURING down COLD rain and the bathrooms were all the way back on the campgrounds…. ugh! so of course i got totally soaked. and i am going to start a revolt against bathroom stalls runing out of TP haha!….but it was fun!   theres really no point to this blog… i just felt like writing something.

but yay! to the new people i met *tiffany *sarah *kevin *devin *darren *heather and i already knew *abby and *lily!




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