so i had the best weekend in a really long time….  saturday was absoluteley exhausting… i ended up working from 8 am to 930 pm, but did i go home and sleep? no… haha i went to the fair. i ran into friends from church. adn ali and molly and cortney from the Grenada trip and some of her friends, and somehow later we lost her friends and my friend so it was jsut us chillin…. and i did see Joe earlier on as well, but then cortney left and I met up with Alicia and Roman from work and we all ran around and hung out and it was such a fun time… they are both officially cool in my book….

then sunday i went to church and came home and cleaned the house some caz i knew Summer was gonna be staying all nite, then i started burning some cd’s with all the pics from the trip on it…. and then Beth calls me and wonders where i am so i toldher i’d be out there soon….

so i make it around 4 ish and i head over to the tent where Neal’s stuff is going on and i see Emily… so we exchange hi’s and how ya doin’s and then i see Nick’s so i keep hitting his pig tails til he turns around and we exchange are hi’s and how ya doin’s and it was just such a great reunion…..

then i meet up with Jon B adn we walk around and then i meet up with Summer and Beth and Isaiah and it was a whole Lakeside/ Grenada Reunion. I got to see JAy, and Vikci and Mandi and Brandi and Krissy and Zach and Tod’s kids (philip, joshua, joseph, dorian and another kid) and Ron from last year’s trip and pretty much everyone was there except Jessica and Kyra plus like Norma nd Christina from lakeside and Paden and i’m not kidding, as least all the cool kids from Lakeside… o and i got to see Mrs. B too!!!! i ran into Cody at one point but then he inda disapeared,,,, but ya it was awesome!

well Todd O’neils praise and worship hour was the bomb as usual… the guys in the laturgical dance were awesome and then our choir rocked!   afer the concert me , Summer,  Jon, Nick and Alvin all went out to Kewpee (they thought it was awesome) and came up with the idea of me having a bonfire, so we headed over to my house shortly after and hung out here til 2 in the morning! Jon and Nick jammed on their guitars around the fire, and we could just sit back and watch the stars and it was awesome!  

Nick had his pan so he played a little for my mom and jon harmonized on the piano inside and so we sat around the house later then and drank hot chocolate and tea and it was fun!

Well then i had to work at 10 this morning and it was a total drag… i was so tired and i had a headache (prob from stayin up too late many days in row). work was so slow and finally when it started to pick up i got called to Athletics and ending up spending 45 min on a stupid Sends athat i didn’t even get any kind of credit for so thats at least almost an hours worth of sales that i missed out on. i was so mad… so i went back over tot heother department where it was dead again and i called mom wanting to go home so bad and while i’m on the phone here walks in Jon, Nick and Alvin…. talk about making my day…

we were all gonna go to lunch but they were way early so Nick bought some shoes off me and found a new obsession with footies while Alvin was captivated by the breif sale… they went off adn shopped til i got offa nd we all went out to God Father’s Pizza (they loved that too!) and then we hit the Thrift Store to see wat good deals there were (alvin got a cool shirt) and ya… then i had to go back to work for another 4 hours

after work i came home and talked to shannon and our trip is definately under way for tomorrow! I’M SO EXCITED I GET TO SEE SHANNON!!!!!!!!! YAY!! so tomorrow when i get off work and Lish gets out of her appt we’re heading off to Michigan! YAY! so ya, this week just started off great  and its getting better and better everyday!  so i wrote a book…

i’m titling it The Week of 8/20 in the Life of Brittany or ya something like that…

ok nite everyone i’ll post ina couple days and let you know how the trip with Shannon goes…




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