so i forgot to say along time ago….

our cubicle in the mall moved….

so where our 4 short walls that confined you to just go round and round used to sit; now sits all the already over sized people who eat ben and jerrys all week long… along with everyone’s faveorite buckeye bob….

who creepily opened the door for me today and said something about me forgetting to pick up my check….

but now as i stand here and type in my xanga i have a creepy old guy sitting on the bench beside my kiosk and is staring at me, well maybe not JUST me but all the other young girls who walk by. NOT only does he just sit there but he waits… he waits for me to turn around again and give him that fearful look in my eye that says “i’m uncomfortable because your there”… and when i give him that look he smiles at me and chuckles to himself….

he knows wat hes doing… thats wat creeps me out…

i’ve heard to many stories about these mall employees and mall rats… some people haven’t heard enough, but all i know is that i’m walkin out with a buddy tonight.



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