man o man so alot went on this weekend….

so friday i worked open to close… big suprise, then sat i got off by 6 so i called some peeps trying to make plans, but either no one called me back or something else was goin on so i met up with my mom and sis at hobby lobby and i got a frame fo my painting…. then after we got home we got a phone call saying our friends from church leah and her husband josh were in a motorcycle accident goin 70 down the interstate and it locked up and threw them both from the bike, neither one had helmets on, she landed on her head and he landed on his sides….   he was treated and released with alot of scrapes but she was lifeflighted to columbus…. they’re both under 21… and it was just so nerve wrecking caz we didn’t know wat was goin on so all sat night the only thing we could do was pray….  i did get to go to my friend tina’s house and show her all my pics from Grenada and tell her about my trip and it was a great way to end the long nite…

 then sunday morning we got news that she was gonna be fine… she doesn’t have any scrapes or anything…. she had bleeding from her ears when they found her but they said she had no swelling on the brain or anything…. AMEN to that!   shes supposed to have a CAT scan today but i heard she may be able to go home tomorrow…. PRAISE GOD!  most people don’t live through that let alone get to go home safely in just a few days….

then to finish off the weekend.. we had a CIT party at beth’s house…. it was so much fun! we had awesome cooked out food, enjoyed the weather like old people, played alot of cards! walked down and got ice cream, played DDR off and on all nite, layed pennies on the tracks and then walked the tracks and cutting back through the highschool football field then found our coins and watched shooting stars for a little over an hour! IT WAS SO AWESOME!

best party i’ve been to in a while!   so ya great weekend…



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