so when i woke up yesterday lima was in a cloud…. like i looked out my window and everything was FOG…. so when i actually got up i didn’t feel good at all…. i had that “1st day of school quisiness” to my stomach… like iw as nervous but i wasn’t and i felt felt but i didn’t feel good feeling… all caz of that dumb fog…. its horrible since grade school i’ve associated fog in the morning to school starting caz we always would delay on the first day due to the fog! lol anywayz thats my blast from the past unimportant info spot for the day…..

next on my list… o ya i’m officially broke, i don’t know how but my money is gone all of it…. i can’t even afford gas anymore… can i just go back to being 8? that was a fun age… i’ll even settle with being 5, thats when my brother was my best friend HAHA….

alright i need to think positive thoughts now…..

well tiffy is doing really good…. she has exactly 5 more months til shes due! YAY! i’m so excited!! i’m gonna be an aunt!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!   man so that means my brother is gonna be 23 in 5 months, meaning i’m gonna be 20 a week after that…. omg…. i gettin old(er)   i can’t deal with this…. SIGH

alright enough of this pointless blog…




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