mmmm i love english muffins with butter!  yum!



so i had a family reunion yesterday, it was alot of fun i seemed to know about a third of the people there (the ones who are from my side) HAHA   then i decided to just drive so i went to office max, and deals and walmart… and it was just nice doing alot of nothing! then i stopped by anna’s and she told me how she broke up with mike s- YAY!!!! i never realyl liked him to begin with,,, i liked him, but not w her, she deserves better!  o and then i called cody up and we were invited to go over and chill… so me, anna, cody, chris jordan, and i think her name was jessica all hung out… it was so much fun… anna and i left there around 1 ish and i came home and crashed… the best part was not having to wake up til noon today…. well i think i mite go off and try to fall asleep, i forgot i’m goin to the YMCA in the AM to get “Toned” (ha ya right)….*nite*



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