so tonite was really wonderful… after work i got to meet up with lindsay from the wonderful grenada trip adn it was fun… we both swear that if the bank gets robbed tomorrow that it wasn’t our fault! it just happened to be a good place to chill at the moment,,,,, and then i came home and looked at all the pics that she had… *sigh*   i’m ready to go back now… but when is the question… hmm who knows maybe i’ll just jump on a plane next week. not like i haven’t done it before… o and one more ting…. on my way home and i got stuck at a train…. o how i love lima trains! i swear this is the only place in the world that you become patient sitting at a train for 20 min, then watch it stop half way through and back up , then have it start going again far enough to where the last car is in front of you then it stops and begins to back up again! haha and i mite add these are NOT short trains, they have like max amount of cars, so i hope you have nowhere to go anytime soon….  so ya it was enjoyable…..

nite everyone!



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