ok so all about grenada!!

it was completely amazing!! i cannot explain wat all God did there…  it was completely different trip compared to last year i admit, but i can honestly say that God moved.

we got there late monday nite and then the next day we chilled around the house and prepared for vbs the following day. later that night we headed to pearls and we went from house to house and invited everyone to the street ministry meetin we were having at the junction… quite a few people came and it was really powerful, it was extremely exciting to see how God started out our trip. we got to see ALOT of the kids who were going to be at VBS, and i was also reunited with my little Shawnice.. it was really a touching moment, i’ll never forget it. Many people came forward and asked to be prayed for and accept Christ in their life and others just wanted prayer… it was amazing! 

the next several days we had VBS. haha the kids hadn’t changed much from last year… ok some did, but of course after the first day everyone called them terrorists children and wanted to throw in the towel but by the 2nd day everyone changed their minds and realized they were the most precious thing God gave us… besides its biblical not to disregard children before God so i’ll stick with loving them HAHA! the VBS went fabulous. just fabulous.

then when we weren’t doign VBS we had a church meeting in Morne Long on wed night which was really cool. and we painted on tuesday at the skool. we finished several classrooms that day. then Friday night we had a youth group meetin in Sautears. That was sweet. Brandi and Krissy did dances, Jess and Zach and Joe played their instruments with Todd oneil during praise and worship, Chuck preached which was AWESOME! we did alot of stuff it was awesome. we got to meet alot of new people and i finally met “The” Richard Simon!  hes pretty cool.

Sat. we finished up VBS and had a huge church service and p&w service that nite in pearls. it was kind of like a graduation from VBS for the kids and they got to show off everything they learned. then we did some singing and our chior got up and sang (everyone from the mission team was in the choir) and it was AWESOME/AMAZING! i can’t begin to explain the way it went down. i think we were singing for like 2 hours, and the place was packed and there were pastors from like 4 other churches there and i guess that never happens and it was just wonderful. God moved and it was awesome!

sunday we went back to church in sautears and did some more music , dance, chuck gave is eskimo dance, and neal preached. then that nite we went out and did some more street ministry and had youth group sunday nite in pearls (We never really got far out of pearls). we got to see some of the kids again, it was neat. we did some more vbs songs and let the kids sing some more and it didn’t really last long because not alot of people went so we got out of there pretty qucik when it ended.

monday morning 5 of us stayed and tiled the floor in the courtyard and the rest of the group went to paint  and help fix up the skool in pearls some more… the pearls group got home around 5 30ish and we finished the tiling around 7 and then it was dinner time.

our nightly routine was usually going to the beach and watching the stars– they were beautiful!! and we had a certain tree we always climbed and it was just becoming our “spot”  

then tuesday a few people stayed to groute the tile and the rest of us went to paint… ya it took all day but i had the time of my life… i was covered in paint head to toe when we were finished but it was worth it by all the fun i had.   it was also beth’s bday , the whole day was dedicated to her and of course her love for moths… unfortunately her camera was stolen at the skool by a scarey guy while we were gettin snacks.. but that was pretty much the last bad thing that happened that day…we went back to the house and didn’t  get to swim caz it started storming! so we made dinner… believe it or not i actually cut and chopped a fish w my bare hands! EEK!   but ya it was awesome and then we had devotions of course some of it was dedicated to beth on her best birthday ever… and the rest was reflecting on our trip… my word to describe the week was “wonderful“, which means marvelous, means to marvel, means to be amazed and thats what this trip was to me, i was amazed at everything!  God did so much for everyone and our team truly became a family! 

wed was our time to say goodbye to the house and head out… we went to lake etang (didn’t see any monkies) and then did some shoppin in the mall and the street markets… then off to lunch at the nutmeg (*note to self* nver eat there again)   shortly after we jumped on the catameran and off we sailed!   we made it to our snorkeling spot and i barfed my roti up — it was gross… but besides that it was alot of fun- i jumped in the water for like 10 min and i stuck my face in the water 2x! YAY! a def improvement considering i swore i would never snorkel again! we then sailed back, chilled on the beach, chased some birds, then went and got pizza (which i just could not get around to eating) then we finished our nite at the hotel (which was amazingly beautiful)   

early the next morning we went to the airport and off we flew home…. our last flight (todd would have been proud) we sang p&w on the plane for the first hour! it was awesome!   then home again home again jiggidy jig…

i had to be at work 10 the next morning and got off at 930 that nite, and then i did it all over agian today!  

but on my trip i made an amazing amount of new friends whom i love them all dearly!

the family we stayed with was amazing as always! thank you sally and charlie for everything! and i can’t for get Emily, Emily (Anna), and Nick for everything as well! i can’t wait to see you all really soon!!! Em and nick in a few short weeks and Em (anna) in a couple months! YAY!   so ya…

all in all God moved hugely (not sure if thats a word) (it is now)  i will not forget this feelin God has placed in me… but i know that this is not just a “feeling” because feelings fade, but THIS is the JOY of the Lord, for Joy is not a feeling or an emotion, but a way of expressing gratitude, and that is how i feel towards my Lord and Savior, i have the JOY of my LORD!   





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  1. What is this tree you speak of down by the beach. I never made it down with you so I am curious to know which one you all considered “your spot.” Plus, I never told you or gave you props for cutting and cleaning the fish, that is a job I try not to do, and haven’t done. How cool is it that you all P&W on the plane. Well, hope you get back into the day to day in the states- it was so great to meet you.

  2. Hey, it sounds like you guys had a great time in GND. I got your comment; thanks!! I mean, I’m pretty excited about it, despite having been there only once before. Sometimes I really just wonder what I’m getting into, but sometimes God has wierd things in mind.
    all in all God moved hugely (not sure if thats a word) (it is now)  i will not forget this feelin God has placed in me… but i know that this is not just a “feeling” because feelings fade, but THIS is the JOY of the Lord, for Joy is not a feeling or an emotion, but a way of expressing gratitude, and that is how i feel towards my Lord and Savior, i have the JOY of my LORD!   
    Amen to that!
    Well, God bless ya, and have an absolutly magnificent day!!

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