so big suprise i’m at work… i’m startin to enjoy it….. i was excited tho, i got 2 phones out toight!! woo hoo! go me! so yesterday i went to cedar point—it was amazing!!!

i rode:

top thrill dragster- 2x; millenium force- 2x; mantis; raptor; power tower- up and down; sky hawk; magnum; gemini

 so it was totally fun for the first time ever i went on the dragster yesterday it was really scarey at first like iw as hypervenalating kinda scarey then we took off and man after that i found my love… i cannot explain the amount of fun i had yesterday… then comin home we somehow got lost… and then when we did make it back on track i thought we were gonna get raped by teh guys trying to “sell” us magazines, for a “contest” but we “had to” go back to their hotel to “get the info” we were all like- HECK NO!! DO YOU THINK WE’RE STUPID?!?!?! then we left while we had the chance but we made it home just fine around 1:30 and then in teh end ya   i went and saw one of my dear friends jordin today in findlay… and i ran into summer and darcy there, it was a bonus to see them really it was and then i’m now here- at work… bada bing and i got 2 phones out which is great for me! so its a good day

tomorrow i leave for Kentucky with Alicia in teh morning i think when i get off here tho i’m gonna go and change my oil and get my car filled up so i’m ready to leave first thing in teh mornign…. i’m gonna get my hair done while i’m down there and i’m not sure what to do… i think i’m gonna go dark again we’ll see…  besides that.,….  




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