again with workin…. i don’t know what i’m gonna do…. i’m no longer trapped in just a building but my poor car is confined to sitting in a half used parking lot everyday in the hot sun… i mean for goodness sake shes got the worst sunburn i’ ve ever seen, shes been red since the day i got her… and then i’m trapped in a building with 4 large hallways, and in the midst of one of these hallways is a 4-walled glass and wood cubicle…  that i have walked miles around in one direction or the other… if looking like a dizzy dog isn’t good enough i’m tryin to challenge my brain by playing suduko caz i’m not one of those over achiever students who take summer classes, so i now spend $5 on a book that stretches my thinking capacity more than the $400 in books from my first year of college ever did….   welcome to my life… its the life of a mall rat-that or a dedicated employee who just never ever leaves the mall…….



3 thoughts on “

  1. youre so wise… youre like a miniature buddha…
    hey you should come to celina tomorrow at 730… there is a bible study thing called gen y… we’re talking about evolution vs creationism… so… be there its at the galeria…. megan will give u directions if u need them since i dont have a phone… lol…

  2. me good @ directions…psst travis….i do agree u should definatly come!! thought bout u lately, been meaning to call ya…nething news hows stuff goin? hope top talk to ya soon luv ya bye

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