i’ve only been home a day and awake for like 5 hours of it and i’m sick of it already! i’m sick of people acting liek they’re so perfect and having the need of critisizing everything i do and tellin me that i’m so freakin self centered that its disgusting! blah! i wanna go back to lakeside wehre all i have to worry about is me and God and what he wants to work on me about… i can handle waking up everyday adn having God beat me over the head for the whole 19 hours a day that i’m up! i enjoyed being worked to death, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally…. i was relearning everything like iw as back in kindergarden! i had steered so faraway, that i was actaully scared to go in the first place, adn when i get there God grabbed w hold of me and said stop thinking, and let ME control your mind… he shook me and worked me and challenged me in ways i couldn’t understand at the moment they were happening and ayet i did things i never thought i could do… i led a table group, while not a bunch of shy kids but a bunch of roudy kids who act like they could care less wat God was trying to say, but God wouldn’t let me give up adn i believe that He used to me impact at least one if not more! and then the campers in my house were amazing i was truly blessed to be with them, my fellow CITS were awesome as well… talk about a gorup of kids who love God and were constantly encouraging each other at all times… i couldnt’ have asked fro a better experience to remind me that life is worth enjoying and you can have fun as a Christian…. God taught me how to study again, He taught me how to pray again… He taught me how to walk in His light…. i know i’m gonna be tested to the extreme now that i’m home but i need to remember that it was not “lakeside” that changed my life but it was “God” and that even when things get rough i dont’ have to wait until lakeside to fix them but be willing to kneel at the cross and lay it all down.  

God thanks for an amazing week of You showing me wat i’m worth to you! use me this next year to be a light and example for You…i want to do your will! break me past the point of tears so that i may grow close, test me until my head wants to bust, tease me with your mysteries so that i will long to be in your word and figure you out! God that is wat i want! its You! Jesus, its You!




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  1. PRAISE GOD!!….thanks 4 everything this week! u r truely amazing! u made me cry when talkin to ya because u show compassion like Jesus does and u r so comforting! i am glad we gotta hangout this week and i got to talk to ya last nite! u r probably doin somethin right if ppl r critisizing u….even though that sounds backwards….but look at christianity and its ridiculous love! well i love u and i am sure i will talk to ya soon!

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