so i’m realizing…

that everyone i went to ICHTHUS with wrote, so i will join the trend

Bands i saw:

-Casting Crowns – Jeremy Riddle

– The Myriad – Delirious

– Scott Underwood – Kutless

– Sanctus Real – Toby Mac

– Jeremy Camp – David Crowder Band

– Superchic[k] – Ascenxion Band – Psalters

The Bands i talked to:

Chasing Victory


While working:

Andrea and i had a blast! Grave yard shift security is definately fun stuff! Basically we sat around all nite, adn listen to this girl freak out from a deer staring at her, another guy saradaing us with “natural woman and alpha 2, totally shooting burns at gate 2. we stole cookies all nite long from teh campsite, and chased noises for a while on our break. we took pictures to entertain ourselves, adn we sang songs (yes adn danced to them) such as father abraham and Lord’s army! if that wasn’t enough we acted like we were invisible while old half naked man came out of the porto potty groping himself (which was gross i might add)! we also became friends with a cop, he hung out with us for a bit and then let us chill in his car while warming up! i believe the most exciting part of the night was either writing the poem about alpha 2, or finding alpha 4’s walkie talkie! ye yah we were heros at that point! haha the next morning was a little more crazy when we had to tell people no tarps could be put down until 10 or the people who tried brushing their teeth at 3 in the morning were allowed back at 6… all in all we ourselves didn’t have many scares while we were there though, no scarey animals or anything of the thought, but we did agree that it would suck to be shot during this job- thats blood money! but it was great time, nothin like starting off the night w a yell coming over the radio saying Alpha 2 we need someone down here in outpost 1, somone threw a smoke bomb in a porto potty!”

The people i went with:

Made the trip for me! Andrea my dear friend, ex-co-worker, wedding buddy, and ichthus partner in crime! the trip down would not have ben the same if it were not for her, probably caz she was driving and we got lost caz we left the group to get mcdonalds, btu thats besides the point!  and then there was Meghan! only the second time i’ve really met her, but loved her just the same as i did the first time meeting her… i definately need to go to celina more now! besides we still need to beat up travis! Speaking of Travis, boy he is one of a kind, lol, i give him mad props for standing in from of the stage all day long to see casting crowns adn reliant k… the look on his face after the concert was priceless, like that “please carry me home i’m so tired of standing look” hahaha   travis definately made the trip! Then there was willy with the coolest curliest hair on a guy i have ever seen! i wanna straighten it adn see what it does! matt and dan were a hoot as well… dan you drove the vehicle that shot me! Mat, i so kicked you butt at euchre! haha  i got to talk to trina a little bit and find that she had no idea who brand new was so she needs to look that up, beth i feel bad for her killer sunburn, well more like 1/2 a sunburn, i thought mine hurt but hers looked bad… get ready for grenada hun! lol and i knew a few others but didn’t really hang out with anyone else, so if i missed you i’m sorry! o wait i can’t forget jay, how could i? haha   ya i blame us gettin lost on you- end of story! o and did you catch that there was a one nugget delivery fee? ya thats wat i thought !! HAHA


God was the #1 person in that place…. He spoke to so many of us and revealed many to us many things that we knew He had to be in the midst! it was due to Him we had safe travel, that the weather was amazing, and everyone had food and shelter. Praise be to GOD!

so this really concludes my story of the trip that took us 5 1/2 hours to get down there and only like 3 1/4 to get back… and braclets turn pink from moon burn!

to everyone… THIS is was ichthus is!


5 thoughts on “so i’m realizing…

  1. :)….I LOVE U!! ichthus was amazing and i am gonna have a blast hanginout w/ ya @ laskeside and when u come up here!! well luv ya and cya soon!

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