ok so i diont’ see y “thanksgiving day” has to one be one day a year in the fall time… so i’m declaring today another thanksgiving day…. i’m very much thankful to God for my family, i truly love each one of them and theres nothing i wouldn’t do for them, i also love my friends… the friends i’ve had my entire life and the friends i’ve just made along with the friends that fit in between! they are ALL so special to me i would not be able to do without ANY of them… love you all!  i also am thankful for God’s goodness, i have everythign i need and God still keeps giving to me, i have clothes, i have food, i have jobs, i feel like i’m on top of the world because God has given it all to me! YAY! HE allowed andrea and i to make it home safely yesterday and allowed me to make it to the wedding wihtout running out of gas, and every timei mess up and disappoint Him, HE is still waiting for me to come back and He accpets me back to love Him the way i did before and MORE… so today i am thankful to God! i love Him! granted i have ALOT of things to do to make it back to where i used to be, i want to try… becuase i miss wat it was like before having him as my only thought!   LOVE YOU GOD!




2 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! glad i gotta hangout a lil w/ ya!! i have andrea’s shoes still so u’ll have to come to celina (both of u) is she goin to lakeside? gosh i cant wait! so how was the wedding? well i will cya again in a week! luv ya girl!

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