when did i become a clown?

when was i taught to juggle?

so many things at once

i got ali gettin married

along with her talkin **** about my dad

and hte last time i talked to her

she couldn’t even remember my name

i’m tryin to finish school

to the best i can

but its not comin fast enough

i really hope i don’t fail

i’m supposed to pick what i want to do

what major what minor what career?

then theres anna going thru another psycho mike

and its just unreal

on top of all this

i am still in skool

workin 2 jobs

and tryin to hold together friends

all w one hand-not cool!

the other hand i’m using for driving

i need to get around somehow

caz if theres no steering or direction in my life

i’d have been run over by now

i’ve learned walkn on the side of the road isn’t always safe

it looks fun, seems thrilling but it could a  big mistake

then guys always make things complicated

but its so hard not to be amazed

the cute smiles, wind blown hair

and adorable charming sense of humor

i’m female hear me roar

i like him, theres not much more

i can say

to make matters worse

i pissed some people off

don’t ask me how, i just seem to be good at it

what can i do when they won’t talk

to me

like i try and be nice

i try to say hi

and act like things are the same

but i’m blown off again and again,

and i’m to the point where i’m drawing the line

i want to crawl into a hole

pretend i was never real

that this is all a bad dream of someone else

so i don’t have to feel

all these crazy emotions

bottle up deep inside

that i now spilled on paper

this is my place to hide




One thought on “when did i become a clown?

  1. hey this friday…a bunch of us r probably hangin out…i have to work on sat nite and grad partys all day but sunday nite there is a big youth group cookout and we could hang out!! i have to work til 5 on sunday…so maybe! let me know!! luv ya…do u go to lakeside…r u a CIT?

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