i’m jealous

of the one i’ve never met

i’m hurt

by the one who never talked

i’m sadden

from the letters on the page

i’m lost

when somewhere is not here

i’m confused

when i have all the answers

i’m alert

as if i were to fall asleep

i’m overwhelmed

so much i can finally breathe

i’m touched

from the one who spoke no words

i’m lured

by the one who didn’t look

i’m loved

by the one i cannot see

i’m redeemed

from the one nailed to a tree


God despite what i’m going through you’ll always be the one who never turns you back, never fades away, never closes your eyes on me and puts my past away. i love oyu so much, thank you for stickin with me especially when my times are hard… especailly when i don’t know what to do, especailly when i know i can get everythign i need from you





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