i miss…

*my hair being black

*having no cares in the world

*knowing exactly what i wanted in life

*my friends

*asking my parents permission

*expecting to meet someone new everyday

*knowing everyone at meijer

*work when rachel was there

*playing basketball


*taking karate lessons w my dad

*being barracaded inside the walls of my highskool everyday


*the sound of water crashing into the shore

*telling ghost stories in debbie’s closet

*making home videos

*learning something exciting and new everyday about myself and friends

*the days when nothing had do to with anything serious

*the decsions i made that were stupid and i knew the weren’t life changing


*beign forced to hang out with certain people everyday

*havin the full force of discipline pushing me to be the best i can

*skool plays

*doing each others makeup for hours on ends and being the devils and angels

*the parties where you played truth or dare and froze peoples underwear and socks and danced on bar to nsync

*being young

*being a dork and having to try really hard to make friends and fit in

*being the me that i remember and liked



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